Silvey Razur Sharp II Grinder

The Razur Sharp II was one of Silvey's entry level square-chisel chain grinder. It was designed for a cost-conscious user who needed an economical way to grind square-chisel saw chain.

Note: This machine is no longer made, but parts are still available and we offer service and repair.

Razur II Square Chisel Grinder
Silvey Razur Sharp II
Square Chisel Grinder

The Razur Sharp II Features:

  • Reversible 110v motor that keeps chrome edges clean and the grinding burr on the inside of the cutter
  • A linear sliding, twin chain holder providing positive and smooth feed
  • Adjustable diamond tipped dressers and slide adjustments that allow the grinder to be set up with the angles you want
  • Fast and naturally positioned feed arm that allows chains to be ground quickly and accurately
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • Flex mounted work lamp with standard bulb socket


Click here for a Razur Sharp II parts list.

Click here for a Razur Sharp II owner's manual.

Click here for a short video of the Razur Sharp II in action.