Silvey Pro Sharp

The Pro Sharp was Silvey's top-of-the-line square-chisel grinder.

Note: This machine is no longer made, but parts are still available and we offer service and repair.

Silvey Pro Sharp Grinder
Silvey Pro Sharp
Square-Chisel Chain Grinder

The Pro Sharp Features:

  • Patented design automatically adjusts for wheel wear
  • Single carriage design eliminates switching when changing sides
  • Patented adjustment mechanism for inner angle control
  • Dual patented "faultless" chain stop pawls and multi-axis support for perfect indexing
  • Lengthened feed-slide for smooth operation
  • Patented angle adjustment for precision accuracy between left and right cutters
  • Adjustable diamond tip dressers and slide adjustments for maximum control of wheel shape
  • Special wedge designed into the carriage keeps the corner of the tooth in line with the grinding wheel 
  • Standard socket flex-mounted work light
  • Collapsible three-leg mounting stand


Click here for a short video of the Pro Sharp in action.

Click here for a Pro Sharp owner's manual.

Click here for a Pro Sharp parts list.