Silvey HDG-6 Grinder

The Silvey HDG-6 was a depth gauge grinder designed for a saw user who demands top performance from his saw chain.

Note: This machine is no longer made, but parts are still available and we offer service and repair.

Silvey HDG Grinder

Silvey HDG-6
Depth Gauge Grinder

The HDG-6 Features:

  • Cuts & "shapes" each depth gauge with ease
  • A hand crank feeds cutter teeth to the grinder while a foot raises and lowers the grinder head for semi-automatic operation
  • Accurate within .003"
  • A long wearing 6" grinder wheel requires no dressing
  • An adjustable chain tension assembly accommodates both short and long chains
  • A sturdy tripod stand
  • An optional gullet cutting attachment is available

Note: The grinder shown on the left is fitted with the optional gullet grinding attachment

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Click here for a short video of the HDG-6 in action.