Information on Shipping

Package Delivery in the Continental U.S.

We ship via UPS in the continental U.S. unless another delivery method is requested. UPS is fast and dependable. UPS delivers packages from us to locations in Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon in one day. Delivery to the East coast usually takes six business days. If you live in between, delivery in two to four business days is common.

If you are in a hurry for a particular item, UPS offers faster delivery services like "UPS Blue Label." This faster service is great, but quite expensive. If you are interested in a quote, please call.

Our computer system allows us to track UPS packages even after they have left our facility. That means we can track packages during the whole delivery process. If you think your package is lost, call us. We can check to see where it is.

UPS map

The map above is from UPS and shows their estimated delivery time from our warehouse. Since their estimate starts when a UPS driver picks up a package, please add a day. This accounts for the time it takes us to pack and prepare an order for shipment.

Truck Delivery in the Continental U.S.

For large size or heavy orders, sometimes truck freight is a better way to ship. If we think we can save time or money using truck freight, we will ask.

Some manufacturers will drop ship products for us. What this means is that if you order a large quantity of product, we can ship directly from the factory to your location for little or no cost. For example, our tree paint supplier offers drop shipments on quantities of fifty cases or more. Our bar oil blender will even do it on a limited basis. They will deliver orders of ten barrels or more to single locations all over Western Washington including delivery to barges in Seattle.

Package Delivery to Alaska

Serving customers in Alaska is our specialty. Our location in Western Washington puts us in prime position for serving this market. We get many compliments and thank you notes (and sometimes fish) for our fast service. We go the extra mile for Alaskan customers. We know being broke down and stuck in a logging camp is no fun.

We usually ship parts and equipment to Alaska via the U.S. Post Office's Air Priority service. It is the fastest and most cost effective way for light packages. Shipments of heavy items like drums of oil are usually sent up on a barge. Contact us for more information.

Special Delivery Needs

If you have any type of special delivery needs, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us for more information.