Catalog Cover Photos

Logger TypingIf a rock musician dreams of getting his picture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, many chainsaw professionals have the same aspiration for being pictured on the cover of a Madsen's catalog. We are frequently asked, "How does a guy get his picture on the cover?"

Past people, who's photos were featured, clearly consider it an honor and many were surprised by the recognition they receive from it. Some even said it helped them get jobs. A few have even said it was the highlight of their career. For others, just their "Fifteen minutes of fame."

How To Get Your Photo On The Cover

Some cover images are professional photos from sources like Logger's World Magazine, but more often they are amateur photos submitted by customers. So if you'd like to see your "smiling face" on the cover of a Madsen's catalog, here are a few tips.

First, we prefer images showing “action” over “trophy” shots. When you sort through your photos, look for images of you sawing, wedging, jacking, taping, bucking or about any other thing you can do with a product we sell. An image of a you standing on a big stump is not as desirable.

A good action image does not require huge trees, either. We are thrilled with images of typical work. A recent cover showed a faller moving away from a falling tree -- a really good professional shot. The image on the cover above shows chips boiling out of a saw and filling the air. On the actual cover, you can even see the muscles in the faller's arm as he's controlling the cut -- another good pic, this time from an amateur.

If you are considering taking new photos, here are a couple more suggestions. It is helpful if the person taking the photo turns his camera 90┬░ (on its side). This tends to produce an image with more space on the top. We need this space for our logo. In the past, we have not been able to use some really good shots because our logo would have covered up something important in the photo. Look at the actual cover above.Try to imagine what the photo would look like without any words on it.

Last, you need to be pictured wearing appropriate safety gear and be working safely.

How To Submit Photos

Photos are easy to submit. Put them in an envelope and send them in. Bringing them in is fine, too. If you have several good shots, you can submit as many as you like at one time. We don't need the negatives nor do the photos need to be enlarged. The printer that produces our covers prefers to do the enlarging himself. If the photos were taken with a digital camera, we'd like to have the original file. This can be brought in on a disk or emailed to us.

Along with the images. we also like to know: where the image was taken, who took it, what saw you were running, how big the tree was, how many logs you made, and whatever else a reader would find interesting.

Becoming Rich & Famous

If your photo is selected, it will be seen by over ten thousand people. Does this mean you are famous? Maybe, but you'll have to figure out another way to become rich. Being on the cover of our catalog won't get you a paycheck. If you want to retire on the proceeds, consider doing a Nike® endorsement instead. On the flip side, we don't accept pay to feature you or your product on the cover.

How Images Are Selected

It is pretty simple. When it comes time to print a catalog, we sit down at a table with all the best images we collected during the past year. The guy who produces our cover does the choosing. The tips above are things we've learned that he looks for. Hopefully knowing them will make your image the winner!

Got questions?  Call 360-736-1336 and ask for Sam.