In the photo, Guy VanGaasbeek is using an 8ft bar on Husky 3120 he got from  Madsen's. He is cutting an old growth cedar, which had fallen and blocked a roadway in a campground in Southern California.

Big Cedar Log

Guy removed a 34 foot section of the tree. It's diameter was over 17ft. The remainder of the tree lies in the campground where it fell.

Climbing a Ladder to the Top of the Log

Guy used a ladder to get him and his big saw on top of the log. The log doesn't look that big until you see a man next to it.

Cutting the Log Into Sections

He cut the log into sections so he could move them. Even then, they were big and hard to move.

Working From a Log Loader

Guy used a log loader for a work platform when he could.  That made it a lot easier to handle the big 3120 with the  8ft long bar.