Pictured is Gary Talley at John's River near Westport Washington in the summer of 1997. This big red cedar measured 24' on the stump. It was one of the biggest trees Gary ever cut.  The saw he used was a Husky 2100 fitted with a 50" Canon bar and Oregon 52AJ chain. It took 6 hours and 2 gallons of gas to do the job. This one tree made 5 truckloads of logs.


Gary gave us this picture along with a note: "To Sam & Crew, Thanks so much for all the years of great service, but most of all the friendship. That means the most." Gary is a heck of a good guy and one of our sharpest customers.  He knows his tools. If you want to talk to someone who grinds chisel saw chain perfectly, Gary is as good as there is. He is also an excellent timber faller and timber sports competitor. Gary is now semi-retired, but when he was competing, he won many events at logging shows all across the Pacific Northwest.