This set of picture's comes from  Sea Forest Enterprises, Oregon and shows Jerry Lewis and his crew doing what they do best -- cutting really big trees.

Jack Face with Three Rams

These guys are "Pro's" at removing hazard trees of any size and are experts with  Silvey Tree Jacks. Here they are using three rams to lift this large and heavy tree. 

Jack Face with One Ram

This wasn't one of the larger trees on this job and only required one jack. Tree jacks are used for directional falling where a tree may be leaning too heavily to one side but must be forced to fall another direction. 

Sea Forest Job Pic

Another large tree that was felled accurately with the aid of  Silvey Tree Jacks.

Tree on Steep Ground

This tree is growing on steep ground. You can stand on the left, but the land drops off fast on the right. Notice springboards being used to give these fallers a  place to stand.

Sea Forest Job

The notch is cut for the jacks and the faller is starting his face cut.  He is running a Stihl 088 fitted with a long bar.

Springboards Being Used

Another large tree hanging on steep ground. In terrain like this, springboards are the only way to access the back side of the cut..

Sea Forest Job

This was one of the largest trees on this job. It takes real skill and the right tools to fall these safely and accurately.