How To Get In The Photo Album

We love to showcase our customers. Our photo album gets more hits than any other part of our web site, so we know our customers like seeing each other, too. If you'd like to be included in this group, this is how:

1) Have a picture (or several) taken of yourself at work. We especially like working shots of you using one of our products.

2) Send in or bring in your photos. Enlarging them is not necessary. Regular photos are fine.

3) If the photos were taken on a digital camera or are in digital format, you may email them to us.

4) Along with your photos, please include a short description -- where you were working, what you were using, how many logs the tree made, and anything else other readers will find interesting.

5) Remember, the world will see your photos, so please be working safely and don't send us something you don't want your boss to see.


This could be a photo of you!