Meet Dave Johnson from Missoula, Montana. He is shown here running a Stihl 660 on a job in Northern California.

Dave says, "In 2008 the road took me to Redding, California for Croman Corporation and the Sierra Pacific burn salvage. It was a good sale with patches of good Norcal wood, and crazy Norcal ground."

"I use a lot of your tools. In fact, I couldn't afford jacks so I melted two cases of Blue Ox 12" wedges with your 4 lb. and 6 lb. Council axes. This saved my timber out and kept it out of the creeks."

Dave continues, "This is a picture of my birthday present, the largest tree of the salvage portion of the sale. She was a tuna that had about 4 inches of over lapp with a 42" bar while facing. They never got her before because she leaned too hard out over the creek."

"To cut this tree, I cut my bed, faced her, threw on a slider to jump the creek, plunged her offside and backed my way out, planting five Blue Ox 12" wedges along the way. Next, I plunged the nearside and backed out to the rear where I bored her heart from behind. Then, snip-snip. I lit the trigger off and watched the glory."

"She was 6.69 feet outside the bark, 74" inside the bark, 12,000 mbf, and ran ten logs -- a 10' (the first flyable cut), four 16's, a 14', break, and a 4l' took her to the tassles. That's 182' of merch, and though the top snapped out over the break, it was clean and crisp. I only lost about 4'."

Below are: "three 16's rippers. (Isn't that a clean rip on the truck?) That was done by bull-bucks Andy and Tony Mckee. It was 55" on the small end, and ran 1400 boards. Makes you wonder what that Sikorsky can really pull."

Dave says, "Each year I get farther away from home, the trees and the helicopters get bigger, and I appreciate your service more and more and more."