Simon, who lives in  England,  contacted us about adjusting the carburetor used on a Stihl 010 engine he was fitting to a scooter. He sent us these pictures of the finished product. 

Scooter with Stihl 010 Power

Here's what Simon wrote along with the pics:

Hello there.  As promised here are some pictures of me on the scooter. The Stihl 010 engine is connected to a centrifugal clutch which in turn, rotates the rear wheel through a set of go-kart sprockets. The handle bar folding mechanism came from an old disabled motorbility vehicle. The frame is made from an old school table and chair! The rest was just made up in the workshop. It has been a brilliant, fun project to carry out, and am I pleased with the end result. I have learned a lot from doing this project -- in particular, welding. I use this vehicle regularly. I would like to say thank you for all your kind help in supplying me with tuning information. It has been very valuable. Cheers, Simon

Simon's Chainsaw Powered Scooter

Here is a closer pic showing  Simon's workmanship. A close look reveals it even has disc brakes. This scooter looks like a load of fun. Nice job Simon!