This is Tom Gabel and his horses, logging in the Black Hills of South Dakota near the Needles Highway in Custer State Park.

Tom is skidding the logs to this road.

These are Tom's three geldings. Their names are: Ed, Jess, and Leo. They range in age from seven to fourteen years old. Even if you don't know much about horses, you can see these are powerful animals.

This is a gorgeous shot. You can almost smell the crisp air and hear the sound of a log skidding across the frozen ground in near silence.

Tom says of his horse team, "They will darn sure do a day's work for you." On a job like this, Tom says he tries to skid at least one truck load of logs per day. 

Here Tom is hitching his team to a log.  The photo below is a better picture of how all this horsepower is attached.

Tom, thanks for the great pics. This looks like hard, but very enjoyable work.