This is Caleb Crocker, a twenty-two year-old, contract faller from Southern Illinois. Caleb has been logging for the past five years and has owned his own operation for over two years.  He says,"I thought you might want some pictures of your products being used from an area of logging that is not well represented."

Caleb is a full time logger, but he also attends college and studys forestry. He says," Going to school and logging keeps me busy and out of trouble." He adds,"Once you get sawdust in your veins you never get it out."

Timber!! Here Caleb is sending a nice veneer white oak down the hill.

Caleb says, "This is me running a 660 w/24" bar, cutting off the root swell. This tree was a Pin Oak and was 6'5" across the stump, had six logs, and roughly 3000 bd. ft."

Caleb says, " Here I am cutting a decent poplar." Of the tools he used to fall this tree, he says, "My hard hat, axe, wedges, and bar were all from Madsen's."

Caleb competes in timbersports activities at school. Here he is shown competing in a standing block chopping contest.

This is Caleb's little dog, who came out for some attention, "While I was trying to sharpen my chain," he says.

Caleb adds, "I must say it is a pleasure doing business with your company.  Always smooth transactions, good prices, full of advice, and a great catalog.  You've made going to college and cutting over 1,000,000 bd. ft. a year for the last four years much easier. Thank you."