Working on a burn near Big BearMike Carter
Working on a Burn near Big Bear California (9 pics)

Jacking a Big Old-GrowthNehemiah Elliot
Timber Falling Crew on Jackass Flats

Jacking a Big Old-GrowthDarren Hall
Timber Faller in Washtington State (2 pics)

Jacking a Big Old-GrowthAl Gilliam
Alaskan Busheler (3 pics)

Jacking a Big Old-GrowthRobert Strech
Falling Timber Above Pollick Pines (3 pics)

Cutting a Big Second-Growth Brian Arvish
Cutting a Big Second-Growth Fir (video)

Jacking a Big Old-GrowthJohn White
Jacking a Big Old-Growth Fir (9 pics)

Hazard Tree RemovalSmithson/Borde
Removing Hazard Trees Near National Park Entrance (5 pics)

Chain Saw Museum Wayne Sutton
Chain Saw Museum in Amboy, Washington (3 pics)

Harvester Mike Crouse
Harvester Pics Taken By Logger's World Publisher (4 pics)

Sirguy CompetitionBranden Sirguy
Forester On Weekdays, Timber Sports Competitor On Weekends (8 pics)

Bernards Brothers Dale & Gary Bernards
Jacking Big Fir in Oregon (8 pics)

Bernards Brothers Sam Rogers & Aaron Howard
Falling Timber Near Swan Lake, Montana (3 pics)

Jon Doyle Jon Doyle
Falling an Earpod Tree in Hawaii (7 pics)

Caleb Crocker Caleb Crocker
Timber Faller in Southern Illinois (5 pics)

A classic Homelite cutting an Elm Robert Huss
Running a Classic Homelite for Old-Times-Sake (1 pic)

Highclimber Tree Service Andy Brand
High Climber Tree Service in Action (8 pics)

Chris Cantrell Chris Cantrell
Falling a Nice Fir (3 pics)

Tom Gabel Tom Gabel
Horse Logging in Montana (6 pics)

Ron HenleyRon Henley
Cutting Timber Near Yamhill, Oregon (7 pics)

Patrick MartinPatrick Martin
Falling 200 Year-Old Beech Tree in Darmstadt, Germany (3 pics)

Brian Gates Brain Gates
Taking Down a Big Eucalyptus with the Help of a Crane (7 pics)

Steve PottsSteve Potts
Cutting Slabs Near Point Reyes, California (6 pics)

Ray Finley Jr.Ray Finley Jr.
Cutting a Big Sugar Pine Near Grass Valley, California (2 pics)

Steve BakerSteve Baker/Dean Rask
Cutting Pine North of Madras, Oregon (2 pics)

Dave NewellDave Newell
Cutting On a Strip in Calaveras County, California (4 pics)

Jameson CrumplerJameson Crumpler
Cutting Near Wilkburton, Oklahoma (5 pics)

Andrew ReitzAndrew Reitz
Cutting a Big Fir with a 50" Bar (6 pics)

Scott AugurScott Augur
Chunking Down a Doug Fir

Aaron InbodenAaron Inboden
Young Cutter Learning from Skilled Uncle (4 pics)

Dave Johnson Dave Johnson
A Birthday Present on a California Burn (6 pics)

Bob Adams Bob Adams
Logger, Builder, & Artist from Pittsfield, Pennsylvania (3 pics)

Patrick Cherry Patrick Cherry
Cutting Coastal Fir in California (3 pics)

Big CedarMike Moreshead
Cutting a Large Cedar

Big Man, Big TreeJack Pollman
Tribute to an Early Customer

Big Danger Tree John Pollman
Cutting a Big Danger Tree (6 pics)

Big one Coming down Paul Picolet
Cutting in California & Washington (2 pics)

Stihl 066 at Work Kevin Story
Using a New Saw (2 pics)

Rugby Team in Union Suits Texas Lone Star Mercenaries
Team Wearing Red Union Suits During Play-Offs

Don't Do This Photo Smashed Ford Crewcab
A Tree Ruins a Dandy Truck (7 pics)

HUGE TREE, Redwood in California Dale Fugate
Giant Redwood Near Crescent City, California

HUGE TREE, Fir in Washington State Preston Armstrong
Removing a Big Fir Tree Next to a House (4 pics)

Minahan Photo Nick Minahan
Second Growth Timber Coming Down in Oregon (3 pics)

Hanisch Photo Philipp Hanisch and Fabian Lang
Logging in Bavaria (4 pics)

Hot Saw CompetitionV8 Powered Hot Saw
Some Fast Cutting Saws (3 pics)

More Hotsaw Competition Robert Andrews
A Saw Powered by Two Stihl 088s (3 pics)

088 Stihl Hotsaw! Hayden Hutton
Hot Saw in South Africa (2 pics)

Silvey Jacks in ActionSea Forest Enterprises
Large Trees Being Felled with Silvey Tree Jacks (7 pics)

Logging in Oregon Coulter/Durflinger
Working on a Job Near Alpine, Oregon (4 pics)

Ice Harvest in Alaska Sheldon Shaw
Husky 3120XP Cutting Ice in Fairbanks, Alaska (2 pics)

Stihl Powered Scooter Simon's Scooter
Pic of a Scooter Powered by a Stihl 010 (2 pics)

Husky 372xp in Action! Fred Brooks
Cutting with a Husky 372XP in Charlevoix ,Missouri

Luckie in Big Wood Luckie Wideman
Big Trees Being Felled Near Brooklyn, Washington  (6 pics)

Stihl 046 at Work Ross Hojem
Running a Stihl 046

Huge Cedar in the Road Guy VanGaasbeek
Removing a Large Cedar from a Campground (4 pics)

Husky Saw User Tom Sansom
Using Husqvarna Saws

Spring Boards at Work Paul Custis
Steep Ground Requires Three Springboards

Passed Up Wood is Worth the Work Mark Carter
Working on an Old Growth

Husky 394xp in Action! Fickett & Weiler
Cutting Several Nice Trees (6 pics)

DO NOT DO THIS Smashed Scout
Parking in the Wrong Place

Canadian Timer Faller Jordan Nicolussi
Cutting in Scotia Creek, British Columbia (2 pics)

New Zealand Dick Smith
Competing in a Saw Competition Down Under

Silvey Jacks Save Wood Jim Young/Jason Huber
Using Silvey Tree Jacks from Madsen's

Hazard Tree Removal Brad Whalen
Removing a Big Cedar Close to a Lake House

Some Old Growth Don Gunstone
Big Wood Cut in the 80's (5 pics)

Columbia Helicopter Dave Boyd
Working for Columbia Helicopter

Mark Winningham Mark Winningham
Working in a Patch Near Quinault, Washington (8 pics)

Felling Series Doug Schattenburg
Felling Big Sugar Pine (7 pics)

Gary Talley Pic Gary Talley
Standing By a Huge Cedar He Cut

Cooney Pic Mike Cooney
Felling Big Spruce Near Forks, Washington  (2 pics)

Keith Near Marysville Keith Coulter
Working on a Job Near Marysville, Washington

More Coulter More of Coulter/Durflinger
Working on a Job Near Blodgett, Oregon (3 pics)

Mike McCloskey Photos Mike McCloskey
Showing What a New Saw Can Do (2 pics)

Bill Davis in Oregon Bill Davis
Guy That Gets More Than His Share of Big Trees (2 pics)

Pic of Jim Kloss with Two Boxes Jim Kloss
A Customer at His Cabin in Alaska

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