Trouble Shooting Harvester Cutting Problems

Harvester Working

The grid below offers quick answers to common problems harvester operators have with bars and chain. This is not a complete list. For more information, see other the other pages in this section of our web site or contact us. We'd be happy to help.

Cause Effect
Dull chain cutters on both sides Short bar rail life
Slow cutting
Dull chain cutters on one side Bar climbs during cut
Opposite bar rail worn heavily
Chain tension is too high Sprocket nose breaks at start-up
Chain jammed in cut Bar nose jammed or broken,
bearing lost, signs of bending or
cracking of side laminates
Tree shifts, allowed to pinch
chain and bar in cut
Cutting two trees - one partially.
Bar nose caught in second tree
Chain tension is too loose Chipped bar rails, especially in
area near nose sprocket

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